Some helpful tips for this sub-forum

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Some helpful tips for this sub-forum

Post  blackturbokitty on Thu Jun 30, 2011 4:52 pm

I am open to suggestions on changes to this forum. If you are not happy with how this forum is run you can vote on certain apects of it. Furthermore, if you would like something added, you can make a poll and everyone will vote whether not whatever it is should be added. Though if the feature or what not may compermise the security or performance of the forum I will not add it. The rest is self explanatory.


for any change you would like made to the forum, create a poll, set the time limit to seven days. Throughout that time users of this forum will vote whether not they want that. The only options allowed for voting are yes or no.

Please be aware that there is certain changes that I cannot carry out on this forum. There are certain rules this forum must abide by. because of it's hosting. Keep that in mind.

You can apply to be a moderator, but there are a few stipulations on this. These are:

You must be voted in by the user base
You must create a poll in your request, with a 7 day time limit
After elected you must abide by the moderation guidelines, which I will PM you upon election.
If you break the rules you will lose your moderation powers.

Requests for administration powers will be totally ignored, because it would be just redundant and because of security concerns.


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